Tight-Aggressive Poker Techniques

Tight-Aggressive poker is a style of play where players play even when they have a small chance of winning and they try to win using aggressive tactics.

Tight play: Tight players are considered to be tight, only if they would fold in a logical situation, or when they think there is a chance of a betting hand coming from an opponent. These players tend to stick to playing their most premium hands.

Aggressive poker play: Aggressive players tend to play their hands slightly differently. They are known for betting on a regular basis and re-raising pretty much where ever they can. These players tend not to check or limp, they will raise and re-raise where ever possible.

Tight-agressive poker play:

Tight aggressive take a mixture of the above tactics and combine them into a strategy that they find to work. This means that they will carefully select their hands, but when they start playing them, they will play them on an extremely aggressive basis; raising and re-raising often.

The Reasons To Play Tight-Aggressive Poker

Playing tightly is another way of saying that a player uses their chips efficiently and wastage is at a bare minimum. This allows players to save their chips for when they have the best hands and get the biggest pot possible. Aggressive play allows players to protect good hands, but also maximize winnings when a good hand comes along. The combination, if used correctly, makes for some great play.