The Ability To Read Online Poker Hands

Essentially, there are three strategies that help Texas hold ‘em players to read hands. To start, take into account how the opponent has checked, bet or raised and try to fill in the blanks using the cards that are already on the table. Combine this analysis with what you have analysed in previous games; for instance, they over bet when they have a good hand. Most importantly, use the players previous hands to try and determine their state of mind and what they could have in the current hand. Reading a player is not just about one hand, but about the whole game instead.

Putting all the information together to create a clear picture of what your opponent is really doing is the next step. Always take the logical approach and ensure that emotion does not play a part in the overall decision making process. By thinking logically, it might be that you can guess the hand of a player before they actually make it, allowing your play to bully them off. Remember; players that bet pre-flop may have a pair, but might have a strong hand like AK. If the flop comes down low and they raise again, it is up to you to make a logical decision as to whether they are bluffing, or playing a good pocket pair. Never try to make a decision on an opponent’s hand too early, it could lead to big problems!

A good idea is to start the hand, analyse the play of the opponent and determine 2-3 hands that they could have, or be looking to make. As the cards hit the flop, turn and river, you can slowly discount the hands and come to a logical conclusion as to what the player really has. The process of elimination strategy tends to work well, but not so well for players that bet sporadically, so be careful.