Stealing The Blinds in NL Texas Hold'em

Stealing blinds in a game of NL Hold'em is something that players need to learn. Stealing the blinds can be the difference between losing money and making a profit in the long run.

What Does Stealing the Blinds Mean?

In poker, the mandatory bets made by two players are called the blinds. One player will be on the small blind and another on the big blind. Each hand that goes by, the blinds will move round to the next players, to make the game fair. The blinds help to build an initial pot.

Those that are trying to steal the blinds are effectively raising in an effort to take these mandatory bets before the hand really begins. It not only decreases the size of opponent’s stacks, but it also helps to you to increase yours at the same time.

Stealing The Blinds

If you are looking to steal the blinds, then you need your opponent’s to fold. In order to do this, you need to raise, or if there is already a raiser, then you need to make a re-raise. Those people that are under-the-gun will have the opportunity to raise more than the current minimum, to start to scare their opponent’s and hopefully win these blinds. So, if you want to get hold of the blinds, then you need raise more than the minimum and start to be aggressive with your play, otherwise someone else is likely to do it.

Stealing the Blinds Technique

Those players that are sitting in the late position, will be in a great position to use this to yours advantage and steal the blinds. You will know which players have folded and which players are still in, making it much easier to decide whether to steal the blinds or not. Those players that are sitting on a short stack are much more likely to steal the blinds, so remember that if you are a player with a bigger stack. You will be able to call these players on a lot looser range for this very reason. On the same note, take this into account when trying to steal the blinds from a big stack.