Pre-Flop Techniques

In a poker game, the flop is the most anticipated point of a hand. With that in mind, each player needs to know what they are likely to do, based on variables like the hands they make or don't make, alongside what their players are doing behind and in front of them.

Folding Pre-Flop

In poker, players that fold pre flop are saving themselves plenty of chips, playing efficiently. This is because when a player does this, the hand will have cost them no chips at all (unless they are currently sitting on small or big blind). Even in the blinds, folding pre-flop can be a hard but important decision.

Calling Pre-Flop

Calling a hand before the flop has landed is either calling the current big blind, or the current raise. A lot of players that have a premium hand like high pocket pair will do this to catch out unsuspecting players on the flop, when the opponents draw and hit an inferior hand. Others do so when they feel their hand needs to be complete before they make any further decisions.

Betting, Raising and Re-Raising Pre-Flop

Those that have a good starting hand pre-flop will tend to bet, raise or re-raise, in an effort to chuck out the limpers, but build up a reasonably sized pot at the same time. Other people will do this in an attempt to get the blinds, although they are often caught out. Re-raising is complicated and depends on what has happened prior to the re-raise and the information the player has from previous hands.