Poker Techniques to Help You Win

Playing online poker is all about learning and being patient. Develop a strategy, but constantly re-invent and develop the strategy so that you are always bettering yourself as you gain more experience.

Keep People Guessing

Try and disguise your hand where ever possible. Basically, do not play premium hands in the exact same way and do not play a bluff the same as the last bluff either. If players have been paying attention, they will pick up on these traits and will be able to easily beat you.


Once a player gets themselves on a winning streak, it seems much easier to bluff. This is because players will have seen the cards that the player has had and will be scared when the player raises again, as they believe them to be truthful. Do not let emotion take over though, as this could lead to a player quickly losing the chips that they have built up over time. Bluff with caution.


As poker players should only play around 15/100 hands, it really is a game of patience. Those players that do not have a lot of patience will find that they quickly start to lose chips. Use the time that you are not playing to try and gain information about other players.