Playing Two Pair

When a player manages to match up both of their hole cards to two cards on the board, they have achieved two pair. Remember, if there is a pair already presented on the flop, then the strategy is slightly different, more like player top pair.

So, imagine the flop is 955 and you are holding Q9, this would be like playing top pair, rather than two pair. Remember that you will get two pair around 1/50 hands, so waiting for the right hand is crucial.

Like most other good hands, there is always a hand out there that could potentially beat it. If you have two pair then you need to look at the possibilities in terms of flushes, straights and even draws as well. Of course, a set could be a possibility, but as you have two of the board cards in your hand, you can discount this slightly using probability and process of elimination.

Remember; even a higher two pair could beat your hand, or the same two pair with a higher kicker. For instance, on the above hand, if your opponent had K9, then unless an A or an Q came out, they would either split the pot, or beat you. Taking into account all of these scenarios will help to improve your game.

A lot of players tend to play their two pair just as they would a set. This is especially the case when the player is holding top two pair as there is much less chance that an opponent could beat them with a higher two pair.