Playing Position

Position in poker is another important aspect of play and one of the important variables when it comes to choosing whether it not to play a hand. If you are completely in position at a poker table, then this means that you are the last to act and you have the dealer button. In terms of position, the worst place to act is the blinds, as the rest of the table is going to act after you when the hand begins.

It does not matter how good or bad a player is, having position will still put them in a stronger position than if they were not in position. This is because it will give them more information about the players that are involved.

Here are some reasons to play position, rather than out of position:

  • You will have more information than anybody else before making a decision.
  • You have the ability to bluff and take down easy pots.
  • You can make accurate value bets.
  • Pot size is controlled by you.