Playing Poker With Small Stacks

Playing poker with a small stack can be extremely difficult. Small stack players are always at a disadvantage. This is because when they have a good hand, they do not tend to get the value out of it, and when they have a bad hand and want to bluff, they are taking an extremely big risk. Generally, the small stack player at a table will be considered to be the underdog and a lot of people will be out to get them as they are seen as an easy target.

The Basic Strategy for Playing Short Stack Poker

Just because you have a short stack does not mean that you can not win. The idea is to try and slowly chip up to a point where you are only the slight underdog. Take the opportunity when you can to steal blinds and if you have the opportunity to go all in and double up, then this opportunity needs to be taken. Remember, just because you are short stacked does not mean you should play loose, in fact the opposite. Play as tight as possible and use your patience to your advantage.

There is patience and time wasting. When you have a short stack in poker you are effectively a ticking clock. You need to make a move when you can, not rush it, but need to make decision quickly before blinds eat away at your stack.