Playing Ace King

When playing poker, a lot of players will start to overrate one of their favourite hands; Ace King. Also known as Big Slick or Anna Kournikova, this is a hand that is over played on many occasions. This might be a hand that has two high cards and look good, but realistically, it will not materialize every single play, so take that into account before playing it too aggressively.

The first thing that should be said is that when playing Ace King, always be extremely cautious. Using aggression is an important part of poker, but controlled aggression is even more important. Most strategies that involve AK will suggest that being aggressive is a good call. For instance, going all in over the top of a raiser to pick up blinds. That being said, most will also suggest that calling an all in with AK is not a good play. This is generally because the hand AK is only a slight favourite over some other good hands, even hands that seem weak like JQ.

This being said, a lot of players will lay down even hands that are considered to be stronger pre-flop. For instance, re-raising a raiser with AK when they have 99 could make the opponent fold fairly quickly. It is important that players do not call off their entire stack on AK and instead, play with strategy.

When it comes to cash games, generally, caution needs to be even higher. Remember; this is not roulette, so why spin a wheel with only a small percentage chance of winning. Poker is one of the few games where players can use their skill to increase their odds of winning, so it is extremely important to use them as much as possible. Many players just simply do not want to lay down AK and end up in huge pots where they are the clear loser before they begin. Take the emotion out of AK and play it like you would other reasonable hands.