Paying Attention in Online Poker

The problem a lot of people find with Texas Hold'em is that it is a game of in-complete information. That being said, the more information that a player can get, the more likely they are to get hold of that pot in the long run. Remember, most poker hands do not need much thought; they are either good or bad.

Playing as few hands as possible certainly helps with paying attention, as people can focus on gaining more information. By folding around 85% hands, there is a much better chance of your 15% actually taking the pot down. This will mean that the 15% are going to be much higher quality, such as 99 for instance.

If you focus on playing a few hands, the decision making process becomes easier. There will only be a small handful of hands that require you to make complicated and hard decisions. By paying attention to the hands prior to the one you are making a decision on, you will have the most complete amount of information possible.

A lot of the better players take notes when they play, so they know when something is not going as it should; a big raise for instance. The more information you have, the more accurate your decision will be when it comes to your turn to act.