Middle / Bottom Pair

Some players just can not wait to make a hand, so when they make middle or bottom pair, they just want to play. An example would be someone holding JT on a QT8 board. Remember, this is a fairly weak hand and there are possibilities of players having both straights and flushes, both of which would beat this hand, not to mention top pair. Generally, bottom and middle pairs will be folded more than often, but not always. In some situations, it makes sense to keep playing...

  • You think you have the better hand in comparison to weak opponents
  • You have a high kicker which you think you could take the pot with, and the pot is worth betting into.
  • The pot is so big that even with a weak kicker, it is worth chancing it.
  • There is a chance you could improve your hand and with a semi-bluff, you might even be able to take down a decent sized pot.

A lot of tables will have passive players that will call a lot. In these cases, it might be that middle or bottom pair are the best hands out there. If it feels like this is the case, then the player should play aggressively to try and win the pot before the other players make a better hand.