Highlighting Trash Hands

A trash hand is essentially a hand that has literally nothing going for it, so the chances of winning are greatly reduced. This would be a hand that has no draws (straight/flush), does not have any over cards and does not make a pair either. That being said, trash hands can still be played. Generally, players will only play a trash hand when they believe that they have a chance of bluffing the other players out of the pot and taking it down for a good risk versus reward ratio.

Analysing whether it makes sense to play a trash hand is an important skill in poker. For instance, a lot of people like to raise a trash hand in poker when they are in position and they think that they have tight players next to them that are likely to fold either pre-flop or on the flop if they do not flop a hand. Remember; even once someone makes the call, they do not necessarily have the hand. You can represent a hand to show your confidence and even in a three or four way pot, you could end up winning with the right representation.

Just because you think you have a good hand pre-flop, does not mean that the board will make this hand materialize. For instance, you hold AK and the flop comes down J37. Essentially, you have no chance of winning the pot without some help. That being said, if your opponents check behind you and you are last to act, you have a good chance of taking down the pot. By analysing opponents, you can determine the chances of someone slow playing and decide whether this is really the right play you make extremely quickly.