Finding a Good Online Poker Site

Finding a online poker site is not easy, but finding a good one can be difficult. Start by searching google and short list the top 10 or so websites. There are hundreds to choose from, so try not to get too confused. Finding a trustworthy website is what most people find the most difficult task of all.

1. Reading Reviews

Internet reviews of online poker websites are a great way to start when it comes to choosing one. By scouring Google and poker websites, you will be able to find hundreds of reviews. Try and find some poker specific review websites as these will go into great detail of the pros and cons of each website and determine whether or not consumers deem them to be good, but also trustworthy as well. In fact, many of these websites will actually have personal logs from people that have used the online poker websites, rather than professional reviewers explaining how good the software is and how well it works.

2. Reading Pro Reviews

Although a lot of the websites out there that offer information about poker websites are made and maintained from consumers and players, some are produced by professional reviewers. These reviewers will give a much more in depth review on the website and tend to focus on the game play rather than the security and trustworthiness of a website. Take into account they might make a referral commission, so take everything they say with a pinch of salt and cross reference it with user reviews as well.

3.Is The Site eCOGRA Listed?

ECOGRA is something that is big in online poker and means e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. It helps players to see whether or not the online poker website has been approved by these people, which helps to determine how trustworthy it really is.