Avoiding Tilting In Poker

In poker, the word tilt will come up quite a lot. Basically, tilt is when emotion makes a player play in a way that they would not usually, such as playing weak hands, becoming mad at the game or frustrating. Generally, this can damage a players play in the long term, so it is important to curb this before it begins. A common tilting trait would be a player losing a few hands in a row and then shoving a hand that is considered weak, simply to try and double up. Other opponent’s can pick up on this and get some easy winnings.

Avoiding Tilt

The game of poker is a mix of luck, probability but also the ability to control discipline as well. Those that are struggling on a bad run and are suddenly going on tilt should think about their game play. Think about it intently and if they continue to play in a uncontrollable manner, then it might be time to stop for a while. Generally a few hours break will be enough for most people to get over their tilt, but the longer the break, the better.

Tilt is something that tends to take hold of all players. Making notes sometimes helps to reduce tilt, even if it just that is another player is considered to be poor in comparison. Play with logic and not with tilt and you will be a much better player in the long run.